⬆︎ Update Log

ASLCORE is an evolving technology, and as such, we are constantly updating the resources and structure, from adding new videos, to fixing errors on existing entries, to improving the infrastructure of our website.

Below you will find a record of all the changes that have been made over the years. Use the checkboxes to filter between major, minor, and patch updates. Changes highlighted in gold are ones that have happened since you last visited the site.

Our most important updates are posted on Twitter, as well as below. Follow us @aslcore to keep up to date.


We are pleased to end the year by releasing our tenth branch, ASLCORE Organic Chemistry!

In addition to this new branch, many entries in our Physics branch have been updated for better conceptual accuracy, 48 voiceovers have been added to expansion videos across the site, and other minor bugs and adjustments have been applied site-wide.

Thank you to everyone who has supported ASLCORE to bring us to this milestone!


ASLCORE 6.1 includes the release of our long-awaited Western Art History Timeline. This long-form 45-minute video includes introductions to dozens of art movments that have shaped the history of western art.

The art history timeline can be viewed on the ASLCORE Originals page or its own entry within our Art branch.

The timeline is also deeply integrated throughout the Art branch as a whole, with the related entries field linking to over 20 related entries. On each related entry page, the movement in question is lifted from our timeline, and played in a short 1–2 minute clip, allowing users to quickly find just the content they’re seeking.

We hope you enjoy this ASLCORE Original Production!


Fixed Physics branch typo.

Rebalanced color cast issues in our “Welcome to ASLCORE” intro video.


Added “CODA” as an identity option in our contact form.

Adjusted padding to contact form elements for better alignment.

Minor fixes.


ASLCORE 6.0 marks the release of a large and diverse batch of new sign content. Read below for further details:

We have added our new Architecture branch, starting with 221 signs across 172 entries. ASLCORE Architecture is the first branch we offer entirely in 4k ultra high definition (UHD).

70 brand-new signs have been added across our Physics branch, while even more have been refreshed and re-recorded for conceptual accuracy.

A dozen new Biology expansion videos have been added, expanding upon the concepts of 50 signs across the branch.

Numerous fixes have been applied across the Biology branch, including video titles, missing content, and encyclopedia links.

Three new physics signs, and 6 new Physics expansion videos have been added, expanding upon the concepts of 34 signs across the branch.

Introducing ASLCORE Daily! ASLCORE Daily is a new page that takes a different sign out of our library of over 1,800 entries each day, and presents it in a polished new interface. Visit every day to be naturally introduced to new sign content!

Core team listings have been removed from the individual branch pages. The core team is still available and listed at the top of the Team page.

Minor framework improvements have been applied across the site to improve stability and loading times.

The home page banner has been removed to give easier access to key videos and links.

The key pages section of the home page has been restructured to support the new Daily button, as well as appear larger and less cluttered.

A new tile on our home page gives more clarity as to what makes ASLCORE unique.

Various typographic errors have been corrected across the site.


138 signs across 120 new entries have been added to our Biology branch.

Home page has been updated with a celebratory banner.


Minor text fixes.


Our oldest videos (nearly 100 philosophy signs) have been re-recorded in full HD, and re-uploaded to provide a clearer frame of reference.


Over two dozen new videos have been added to our Art branch.

Two shared concepts have been copied between our Art and Literature branches.

Minor text fixes applied to a couple videos in our Engineering branch.

New expansions have been added for our sPhysics and Engineering branches.


Written expansions have been added to our Physics branch, sourced from Wikipedia.

New credits added to the Special Thanks section of our Team page.


Broken search autocomplete links fixed across the Art branch.

Core Values pane added to the home page.


17 Expansion videos have been updated with new branding, and voiceovers to increase accessibility.

The “Entries with Expansions” categories for our branches have been updated with a new algorithm so they always stay up to date.

Encyclopedia entry links have been made more prominent and easier to click.

The footer now responsively re-aligns itself to work better on small screens.


Fixed a bug where changing the list style of the search page would clear the search term.

Updated copyright in footer.

Increased spam strength of spam filter for contact form.


Slight styling improvement to the link export option of the Favorites interface.

Slight styling improvement to date updated indicator on our Privacy page.

The all branches dropdown has been recolored on the ASLCORE Originals page, to better match the maroon theme.

The biology grouping containing signs developed by our team has been renamed from “ASLCORE Originals” to “ASLCORE Signs,” to avoid confusion with our long-form ASLCORE Originals project.


Introducing ASLCORE FAQ! See answers to our most frequently asked questions, organized into one location, in both ASL and English!

Our “About Our Translation Process” page has been moved within the FAQ page.

The Quick Links on the home page have a fresh new style.


“Jump to team” links added to the top of the team page, making it easier to scroll to any particular team.


The bio videos for Ruth Anna Spooner, Rita Straubhaar, and Perseus McDaniel have been updated with more current information.

The structure of our video embed codes has been adjusted slightly, to increase flexibility for new features down the line.


The ASLCORE Original Productions page has been updated with a new, custom header, improved typography, and a release timeline section.

An teaser graphic for our next Original Production, Western Art History Timeline has been added to the bottom of the page.


10 new expansions have been added across our Computer Science branch.

Fixed bug where when searching for certain entries across Computer Science and Engineering, clicking the auto-fill pop-up would send users to a “no results found” page.

Replaced ASLCORE Originals seal with a simplified circle in certain low-res situations (eg. in page footers and on the home page.)

On the main Original Productions page, the logo and seal have been replaced with a higher-resolution verison, to avoid blurriness on high-pixel-density screens, while the background of the header has been changed from black to a dark burgundy.


11 new expansions have been added across our Computer Science branch.


66 new videos have been added across our Engineering branch.

2 new videos have been added across our Computer Science branch.

1 new video has been added to our Physics branch.

Bio video added for Ronnie Bradley


Minor back-end email formatting improvement for our contact form.

The Allegory of the Cave video thumbnail updated.

Resolved minor issues in The Allegory of the Cave captions.

Original Production label and full video transcript added to The Allegory of the Cave entry page.

Link to The Allegory of the Cave entry page added below video on Original Productions page.


ASLCORE Original Productions page published.


Fixed typos across two of our Engineering entries, as well as other minor typographic improvements across the site.


Our header bar has been restructured to be cleaner and more consistent across screens of different sizes.

We’ve replaced the old Entries icon (☰) with a new custom icon that better represents the content.

Additionally, we have replaced the old (⬇︎ BRANCHES ⬇︎) link with a simple (☰) symbol. This is more consistent with common web standards, where (☰) symbols represent collapsible menus, and not direct links.

Finally, we’ve added some additional resizing features. On small screens such as smartphones, the (★ Favorites) link now tucks itself away at the bottom of the collapsible hamburger menu (☰), leading to an easier-to-use experience for mobile users, as well as fixing several graphical bugs.


Minor content reordering across the Art branch.

Fixed minor alignment issue with Featured Entries icon on some list pages.

Fixed incorrect closing tags on patch notes list.


Added additional credit to our Note of Thanks on the home page.


Whereas the 4.x cycle of ASLCORE was dedicated to introducing new branding and exciting new features, the goal of the 5.x branch is to refine, stabilize, and add to our core content.

The ASLCORE 5.0 update begins the lengthy process of reorganizing of the back-end framework which powers our website. While few of these changes are outward-facing, the overall rewrites are intended to improve performance, stability, and scalability. These rewrites will continue to happen behind-the-scenes throughout the life span of the 5.x cycle.

Several bugs and broken links from version 4.9.6 and prior have been resolved in 5.0.

Favorites has left beta, and is available as a full feature. New in the full release is the ability to import and export favorites between devices. Copy and paste the link provided at the bottom of the page to export your favorites into any browser of your choice. Alternately, you can provide an email address in the included web tool, and we will email you a link allowing you to import your favorites with the click of a button. This option can be used for sharing favorites between devices, between friends, or to even send custom favorites combos to students! (This system is completely automated, and the email address you provide is not logged or stored anywhere in our systems.)

Minor UI updates and color coordination patterns have been applied across the site.

ASLCORE 5.0 includes a large batch of new sign content. Weʼve added 89 new Engineering signs, as well as launched our newest branch, Sustainability. ASLCORE Sustainability includes 104 signs across 59 entries, and weʼre excited to make it available to our users!

The 5.0 update also includes a number of new and updated text descriptions for our Philosophy entries. These descriptions have been written by our Philosophy content expert to ensure a high level of accuracy and adherence to the specific terms being discussed. More descriptions will be added in minor and patch updates over the course of the 5.x cycle.

While the majority of the updates across this new 5.x cycle will be subtle, we still have a large amount of new sign content that will be added over the coming months, as well as several site improvements that we look forward to announcing soon!


The “More Info” buttons attached the branch cards on the home page have been removed, and replaced with “i” icons which appear when you hover over the branch card in question.


Additional elements have been given key colors across key pages.

Team biographies without videos no longer have empty video players taking up extra space.

Fixed broken link on privacy policy page.

Fixed an “unexpected end of script” error in one of our scripts.

Other minor style and formatting improvements.


Minor text fixes across several pages.


An issue with the randoming feature making the entries button unresponsive on some browsers has lead to the feature being disabled until further notice

Fixed an issue with the signs for “Intron” and “Exon” being switched.

Fixed an issue with “SI” being incorrectly capitalized.

Added “Translation Process” to list of quick links in footer, as well as two additional links on the RIT side linking to the RIT and NTID websites.

ASLCORE footer links are now displayed in alphabetical order.


The footer for all pages has been restyled with more links, to make it easier to navigate to key pages across the site.


Favorites have been added to the Additional Links section of the home page.

The Additional Links section at the bottom of the home page has been restyled.

Fixed a minor padding bug when search system was compacted in header.

Various utility pages across ASLCORE have been given new colorful icons and themes: Favorites, Contact, Team Directory, Updates, and Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy has been moved to a new, simpler URL: aslcore.org/privacy


Introducing Favorites! On every one of our 1,200+ entry pages across the site, you will now find a ★ icon next to the entry name. Clicking this icon turns it gold, and adds it to your Favorites! Click the new Favorites link in the top-right corner of the header to view a page listing your personalized favorite entries, allowing for quick linking to the entries you view most.

As of ASLCORE 4.9, this feature is launching in Beta. We will be adding to and improving the functionality of the Favorites system over the next few patches.


39 new signs across 28 entries have been added to our Engineering branch.


This update includes a reformatted contact page, consolidating several methods of communication in one clean new interface. This page will be updated as we continue to improve our communication channels. Find the best ways to reach out to us at aslcore.org/contact.

We have further plans for improving this contact page, and those new features will be part of a future update.

Additionally, a link to the contact form has been restored to the bottom of the search results pages, allowing users to report missing or erroneous search results.


Minor UI update, changing the icon for Featured Entries from “★” to “✦”


Fixed small glitch on the global entries page, where the “Z” button on the navigator was grayed out, despite an entry for Z existing in the site.


Two new categories have been added to the site, Art Movements (in the Art branch) and Greek Letters (in the Physics branch).


Updated several links to avoid unnecessary redirects.


Minor text fixes across site.


Slightly adjusted the padding around navigation elements on the header.


Fixed issue where the art label in the branch menu would not highlight when on the branch pages.


Prior to version 4.0, we had a button on the menu that sent users to a random entry. As this feature is non-essential, it was removed in the 4.0 update. We have now added it back as a secret function. By shift-clicking or double-clicking on the ☰ button on the menu, instead of taking you to the index listings, it will send you to an entry at random.


To match the interactive nature of the new ASLCORE Version tile on the home page, the “Total Entries” tile is now also interactive. When clicked or tapped, this tile now displays a colorful graph representing the entries in each category, and their proportions to one another.


Introducing the ASLCORE Update Log! Since ASLCORE is an evolving technology, maintaining an update log is the best way for our users to know the directions the project has gone over the years.

Within our dynamic Update Log page, users can filter for major, minor, or patch updates. Additionally, if you haven't visited ASLCORE for a while, the system will highlight all the changes that have occured since you last viewed the site, so you can catch up on all the latest developments.

A new tile has been added to the website home page as well, which links to the new update log. This tile will also visually indicate if there are any new updates since a user’s last visit.


Fixed a bug with the new footer overlapping video elements on certain pages.


We have updated the header and footer elements across all pages so as to appear cleaner on small screens. This is one of a number of mobile-friendly optimizations that we will continue to improve over time.


We have updated our privacy policy.


Browser spell-check has been disabled in our search fields, to prevent it from interfering with the search suggestions field.


15 new entries have been added to our Computer Science branch.


We have relabeled our descriptive videos as “Expansions” rather than “Explanations” to better represent the scope of the content within.


Signs for “Test” and “Testing” have been incorporated into both our Engineering and Computer Science branches.


50 new entries have been added to our Computer Science branch.


New cover designs have been added to each branch welcome video, bringing more color and quicker recognition to the front pages of the individual branches.


We have fixed a small issue where several of the team portrait links would connect to an outdated version of the team info page.


Several back-end updates have been applied to our feedback form, to improve efficiency when replying to comments. We will be continuing to refine the feedback form over time.


Clicking the ☰ button on any page will send you to the entries listing for the branch you are currently browsing. Now, if you click this context-sensitive button from the root of the site, you will be sent to a consolidated page, containing all entries from every branch.


When searching for entries, the search result cards have been given a new style to provide a more harmonious balance of colors.


The branch links across the header have been grouped into a collapsible sliding menu.


A new splash screen has been added to the welcome video on our homepage, highlighting the function of the video before it has been played.


We are currently working to improve the ASLCORE experience on mobile devices.


Minor text fixes across website.


Our privacy policy has been updated to outline improvements to our geolocation analytics.


On the homepage, we now have a new display featuring the total number of entries across all branches. Below the display, there are a series of colored bars visually representing the proportions of each branch to the others. (When hovered over, these bars show precise numbers.)


For two days, the ASLCORE website was inaccessible due to technical difficulties. These difficulties have been resolved, and all resources should be available once again. We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may have caused.


We have fixed a bug where the related entry links on entry pages would redirect to the homepage of the site.


Our team directory has been completely redesigned to be both neater, and load much faster than the previous version. Learn about the people behind the ASLCORE project at aslcore.org/team.


We have added 50 new entries to our Computer Science branch.


We have become aware of an issue with our video player, where the embed styles have changed across the branches. This issue has now been resolved


A new “Coming Soon” tile has been added for our upcoming eighth branch, ASLCORE Sustainability.


The branch summaries on the homepage have now been integrated into overlays accessible by clicking the “Branch Info” buttons on the main cards.


It’s been a busy few weeks, and now ASLCORE 4.0 is formally released! The 4.0 update is the largest visual change to the project in 2 years.

We’ve restyled our name from ”ASLCore” to “ASLCORE.”

Our website has been updated with a new, modern style, and our brand identity has been developed and emphasized across our resources.

The entire site has become one unified whole, rather than housing each branch on its own subdomain. For example, art.aslcore.org is now aslcore.org/art/.

Many of the resources available from the individual branch home pages have been moved to the site home page, allowing the individual branches to maintain a cleaner, more straightforward function.

Our “Lexicons” have been renamed to “Entries” to better reflect the diverse range of content within.

Our search system has been improved and unified, with a better UI facilitating searches across one or more branches simultaneously.

The file structure of many pages has changed, so the URLs have changed accordingly to appear cleaner in the browser.

New categories have been added to the different branches, allowing users to browse all entries which contain expansion videos.

Our feedback form has been updated with internal spam detection, eliminating the need for a reCAPTCHA.

Two new branches, Engineering and Computer Science, have been added to the site. As with all of our content, these branches will grow over time.


We’re experimenting with a new style for our main title. This is still in flux, and will likely be adjusted several times before we settle on a final style. In the meantime, we welcome feedback through our contact forms.


We have simplified the user interface of the main aslcore.org page, with cleaner, more compact branch tiles.


A reCAPTCHA has been added to our contact forms.


Minor text adjustments on the feedback forms.


Fixed minor resizing errors.


Changed autocomplete search filtering to be more flexible.


Fixed a bug with autocomplete sending users to 404 pages in certain cases.


Search autocomplete has been enabled for the global search system.


Added third-party script to supply basic autocomplete for our search fields. This feature will be improved over time.


Changed color of required labeling on contact forms from red to the branch color.


Minor text changes to the copy on our feedback form.


Removed the extra horizontal rule at the bottom of the team biographies pages.


Added shortcut and redirect mechanic to main ASLCore site, allowing concise urls to be developed for any id on the site.


Fixed a bug with the right “Next entry” arrow not working as intended in certain circumstances.


We are re-uploading most of our published content. Changes include updated branding, improved title positioning, optimized exposure, and sharper thumbnail images. These changes will happen seamlessly, and have no impact on user performance.


Added an NTID brand to the header of the site.


Our privacy policy has been updated to reflect settings changes across our analytics systems.


Added secondary support for Arial as a typeface, to improve consistency across Windows and Mac operating systems.


Added keypress functionality to lexicon page, so pressing a letter will jump to that section.


The branch navigation links on the header are now context sensitive, and will try to send you to a page on the new branch matching the one you are currently viewing.


Fixed a glitch where certain team member photos would load incorrectly.


We’ve improved our search algorithm to detect a wider range of terms in our Literature branch.


Fixed issue where descenders in the titles of entries would cause the header bars to have varying heights.


Fixed issue with search bar appearing in header bar for search results pages.


Introducing the Random Button! We’ve added a dice icon to the right of the lexicon button on our branch pages. This button will send you to a random entry on the lexicon you are perusing.


Introducing Global Search! Uusers will now be able to make use of a global search field that returns results from all branches. Entries are color-coded, and users may filter results from particular branches to facilitate searching.


Updated search page titles to include the term searched for, to make user browsing history neater.


Minor layout improvements for search results pages.


Fixed issue with encyclopedia links being broken for the Art branch.


Minor text and styling improvements to our search pages.


A framework update aimed at addressing issues with the navigational arrows on lexicon pages. Previously, the arrows would always refer to the complete entry listings. This would be unintuitive however when a user visited an entry page from one of our subcategories, as one would expect the arrows to then change to navigate the subcategory instead. Today’s update fixes this issue, so the arrows now navigate between whichever category the user originated from.

The breadcrumb bars across all branches have been updated with the same context-sensitive settings as the navigational arrows, so now they will display the path of the subcategories if that is how a user navigated to an entry.


The welcome video and translation process video on our Philosophy branch have been rescaled from a 4:3 to a 16:9 aspect ratio, to better fit onto the site.


The “Team Biographies” buttons on our branch home pages have been restyled so as to be more consistent with the other buttons.


The header bar on our main home page has been updated to include more colors in the background, to represent our two new subjects launching later this year.


Our team member biography videos have been re-rendered with minor visual improvements.


Many new explanation videos have been added to our Philosophy branch.


The “No related entries” message has been restyled.


Fixed a bug where changing the list style type on the search page would clear any search results from the listing.


Several new explanation videos have been added to our Philosophy branch.


Six new explanation videos have been added to our Physics branch.


The branch cards on our home page have been adjusted to better reflect our updated roadmap.


Minor alignment issues have been fixed regarding the feedback button on the branch home pages.


Additional styling has been added to text boxes and text areas for when they’re selected.


Stabilized “No Entries Found” search result when switching between view modes.


The font weights for many body elements have been increased slightly to improve readability, especially on Google Chrome browsers.


The featured entries on our main home page have been reformatted to match the positioning of their respective branch cards above.


The branch cards on our main home page have been reordered alphabetically.


Our search system has been updated to recognize a broader scope of terms. This update is seamless from the user’s perspective, and should have no impact on functionality.


The featured entries for all branches have been consolidated into a colorful “Featured Entries” section on the main homepage of our site.


We have added subtitles to several more of our Literature explanation videos.


Minor text adjustments on our main home page.


The breadcrumb bar has been optimized for smaller screens.


The letter dividers on the lexicon page are now clickable, smooth-scrolling to their respective letter block.


The horizontal rules have been removed from the new list view, to make the page layouts cleaner.


The number of search results found has been added to the search results page.


The optional and required labels on our feedback forms have been restyled.


Featured entries for each branch have been added to the home pages for increased visibility.


The “Other links” panel has been replaced with a dedicated “Feedback” panel on our branch home pages.


The A–Z navigational bar on the Lexicon pages now dynamically disables the letters for which we have no entries.


Tooltips have been added to the new display view buttons, to emphasize their function.


A magnifying glass icon has been added to our search boxes, to emphasize the its function.


Our search system pages have been restyled.


A new list view option has been added to the lexicon. In the top-right corner of the page, there are toggle controls allowing users to select between our original card view, and the new list view.


The search box has been removed from the Lexicon page, as it is now accessible from the header bar on every page on the site.


An issue that resulted in the headers for longer entries having too little leading on small screens has been resolved.


Minor text styling and fixes have been added across the home pages for each branch.


A new batch of written descriptions and related link cards has been added to our literature branch.


Several graphical bugs in our “Allegory of the Cave” video have been fixed.


We have expanded the search system to accept more term variations.


We have resolved a linking issue with several of the Art videos.


The Site Map and Privacy Policy links have been removed from the “Other Links” section of our homepages.

Our privacy policy is linked to from the footer bar of every page, making this extra link redundant.

In addition, we will be launching another update soon, replacing the functionality of the old site map.


The tagline in our header has been replaced with an in-line search system, furthering our efforts to make accessing our entries as efficient as possible.


Several entries without explanation videos in our Philosophy branch were incorrectly displaying a “Coming Soon” video instead of hiding the section. These outliers have been fixed.


We have added favicons in corresponding colors to all of our branches.


We’ve completed a new site update aimed at reducing the steps required to navigate to a new entry.

We’ve consolidated the A–Z and Lexicon landing pages into one page, so that when you visit the lexicon, you can immediately scroll through the entire listing if you wish.

There is a new category section (denoted by the symbol ❖) directly under the featured entries panel. This section contains all the categories previously accessible from the main lexicon page. (Folder-cards are differentiated from entry cards by a thick border.)

The search system has also been updated. When you navigate to the Lexicon page, the search box will be auto-focused, allowing you to immediately type in a query.

Finally, if the search system returns only one result, you will be automatically redirected to that specific entry, saving an additional click.

We will be continuing to expand the functionality and efficiency of our resources as time goes on.


We have added subtitles to several of our Literature explanation videos.


We have added more written explanations to our philosophy entries.


The name signs category has been removed from the Site Map pages, as they are now integrated into the lexicon column.


Minor text adjustment have been applied to the home page branch cards.


The team entries on our home page are now clickable, leading to each person’s biography videos.


The formatting for the branch cards on the home page have been further optimized for mobile screen sizes.


We have slightly adjusted the footer bar so on shorter pages, it stays at the bottom of the screen.


We have added a new comprehensive team section at the bottom of our home page.


We just added a brand new educational story to our Philosophy site! Watch “The Allegory of the Cave” today!


The text on our home page has been altered slightly with updated information.


Additional information has been added to our new contact and update log tiles.


New panes have been added to the bottom of our home page highlighting our contact and update log information.


A new “Entry not found” page has been added when a user attempts to visit the page for an entry that does not exist.


We’ve implemented a shortcut link to allow more efficient linking to our entries.


Some philosophy entries now have additional related entries.


Minor elements of our site layouts have been optimized for smaller screens.


We have added a series of written explanations for some of the terms in our Philosophy branch.


We have added a series of voiceovers to many of our Literature explanation videos. We will be systematically adding subtitles to these newly voiced videos until they are up to our full communication standards.


Name sign entries without photos now have a cleaner layout.


Our logo has been updated to reflect the addition of our Art branch.


A couple new explanations have been added to our Biology branch.


We have added a set of written explanations for our character name signs across the Literature branch.


We’re happy to announce the launch of our ASLCore Art branch! The new branch is launching with 132 videos across 100 terms!


Several new explanations across the branches have now been loaded into their respective sites.


Additional padding has been added above the profile thumbnails on the team biography pages.


Minor text fixes have been applied across the home pages of all branches.


The group photo image maps have been added to the photo on the main pages as well, allowing you to link directly to specific biographies by clicking on the faces of the team members.


All branch pages now make fewer server requests, streamlining page loading.


More text bios have been added across the branches.


Image maps have been added to the group photos on the biography pages, so that clicking on the faces of the team members links to their respective biographies.


The group photos for the teams have been added to their respective team biography pages.


Profile thumbnails have been added to the team biography pages on all branches. The profiles pull from the group photos, and are thus unique to each individual branch.


We have made minor text fixes across the Biology and Physics branches.


We have updated our privacy policy to reflect the changes to our search system.


We have updated our search system with new diagnostic info, allowing us to better troubleshoot bug reports by logging referral pages and search queries.


The header bar for the main ASLCore landing page has been adjusted with a subtle new background.


Minor text fixes have been applied across the home pages for all branches.


The Literature branch has now been completely indexed and cross-referenced. Sort entries by book, author, lore, character, or literary term! These new categories will continue to be improved as we test out this new functionality.

Additionally, the Literature branch search system has been updated to use the same new system as the other branches.


The search systems for Philosophy, Biology, and Physics has been updated to recognize more terms, making it easier to find entries.

The Literature branch still uses the old system. We will move the Literature search over to the new system at a later date, as we complete more of the cross-referencing.


For the Literature branch, the new categories contain all the “A” signs. We will continue to work through the entire collection in alphabetical order.


We have continued to apply the organizational structure to the Literature branch, although it will still be several days until the process is completed. The name signs category has been removed from Literature, and all the name signs have been streamlined into the “A–Z” view.

While the A–Z view contains the complete set of our 352 literature terms, the remaining categories are still under construction and are missing most of their entries.

We will continue to index and cross-reference entries over the next few days, and we will post here again when every entry has been catalogued appropriately.


We have begun applying the organizational structure to the Literature branch, however, due to the greater scale of the branch, the update will take several more days to complete. For today, the branch has been restored to a stable state to maintain usability until our next update, scheduled for tomorrow morning.


An additional leaf decoration has been added to the header of the ASLCore landing page.


Our name sign page layout has been applied to our four physicist pages.


Several missing attributions have been added to our Biology branch.


The organizational framework first applied to Philosophy has now been applied to our Biology branch.


The sign for “Receptor” was mislabeled and has been corrected.


The sign for “DNA Replication” was missing the ASLCore label. This has been fixed.


The “Anaerobe” entry in our Biology branch was mislabeled, and has been corrected.


The label for “Nerve Circuit” in our Biology branch was missing, and has now been correctly added.


The organizational framework first applied to Philosophy has now been applied to our Physics branch.


The “Key Subjects” category has been changed to “Featured Entries” and styled with a new background.


A Lexicon search bar has been added to the Lexicon landing page, as well as the A – Z sort view.


A framework update focused on restructuring the Philosophy lexicon. When visiting the Philosophy lexicon, now the main page is divided into categories, allowing a user to sort all entries alphabetically, view only name signs, or search.

Within the A–Z view, name signs and regular entires have been streamlined into the same page. We will be continuing to refine this restructure over the coming weeks.

Currently, the update only affects the Philosophy branch, however we will be bringing this new organizational style to the other branches soon.


A search icon has been added after “Z” on the A – Z navigation bars for all branches.


More related entry cards have been added across the Literature and Philosophy branches.


A back-end framework update now all entry pages without video explanations have a cleaner and more open layout.


The explanation video for “Anti-Hero” in our Literature branch was previously reporting “This video does not exist.” This issue has been corrected, and the video should now display normally.


Several Literature entries have been updated with related cards, and related links within the explanations videos.


The color scheme for the unreleased Art branch (as seen on our main page) has been adjusted so as to have a greater harmony with the other branches.


The text on our main page has been edited slightly to be more representative of the scope of our project.


The welcome clip for our Literature branch has been updated.


The main page for our site has been updated with new information, reflecting our vision for the future of the project.


A coloring error has been fixed across the Philosophy and Literature branches.


8 new videos have been added to our Philosophy branch!


A title error has been fixed in our Philosophy branch.


A title card error has been fixed in our Literature branch.


70 new videos across 55 new terms have now been added to our Literature branch!


Our privacy policy has been updated with minor text changes to make it clearer.


We’ve added a privacy policy link in the footer bar, accessible from every page and branch on the site.


One of our videos was erroneously duplicated across two branches. This issue has now been corrected.


7 new videos across 6 new terms have now been added to our Philosophy branch!


We’ve adjusted our logo so that certain leaves represent the different branches. Watch our logo become more colorful as the project grows!


76 new videos across 59 new terms have now been added to our Physics branch!


A small color glitch in one of the video players has been repaired.


The typographic treatment of “ASLCore” in the header bar has been adjusted to better match the rest of the site.


A bug causing the footer on the home page to not fit normally across the bottom of the page has been fixed.


Several entries with missing text in the Literature branch have been repaired.


Our privacy policy has been updated with additional information as well as minor formatting improvements. Information processing remains unchanged.


Minor text fixes have been applied across several videos.


Some more of our back-end systems have been upgraded across the site. In addition, hover effects have been added to the branch buttons on the main landing page.


Bios for our Physics team are now online! Learn a bit about the people behind the project!


We have recently updated some of the back-end systems that power our sites. During the update, some sites and pages may have not loaded properly. All pages should be now back to running normally.


The site header bar has been updated so that when you hover over one of the branches, the text highlights in the color of that branch. In addition, the branch links have been treated in a new typographic style.


We’re happy to announce the launch of our ASLCore Physics branch! The new branch launches with 193 videos across 153 terms, with more coming soon!


The brand-new ASLCore Biology branch is released!


The ASLCORE Twitter feed is created (@aslcore) and used to post updates concerning the development of our resources, as well as other interesting project-related developments.


Version 3.1 documents when the project underwent a rebrand, changing the name from ASLPrimers to ASLCore. All other materials remained the same.


The version 3.0 update introduced a completely new back-end system to power the rapidly growing family of sites. The new framework was coded from scratch to suit the needs of the project, and was designed to be extensible as new branches continue to be added.


A brand-new Literature branch is launched, (then-named ASLLiterature) expanding the project into new horizons. Because the project now contains more than just philosophy, the overall project becomes known as ASLPrimers.


A new site is built from the ground up, containing all the content from the ASL Philosophy Resource site, and gives the project its own brand identity for the first time. This early version is known as ASLPhilosphy.


ASLCORE was originally known as the ASL Philosophy Resource, and was the first online iteration of our project, offering signs and concepts specific to the field of Philosophy.